Battles Of The Civil War

The American Civil War consisted of extreme conflict and battles of the Civil War were very costly on both fighting sides. There is also the fact that it was a defining time in America’s history and helped to shape the country’s modern identity. It is for that reason it is important to appreciate the battles of the Civil War and to take note of places, events and people. The Civil War is what helped to abolish slavery and laid huge stepping-stones for the United States to get to a point where Obama, an African American male, is now president.

5 Interesting Facts About The Battles of The Civil War

1. From 1861 – 1865 the American Civil War occurred over the hot-topic of slavery in America. Most of the Northern states were completely anti-slavery, while most southern states were pro-slavery. Thus, the American Civil War is also commonly known as the “War Between the States!”

2. “Secede” means to withdraw or separate from an organization or in this case an alliance. Essentially, this is what the states in the south did during the battles of The Civil War, they succeeded or withdrew from the Union and these were labeled as secessionists. The very first state to secede in December of 1860 was South Carolina.

3. Many other states followed in the steps of South Carolina. During 1861, ten more states followed suite leaving the union and seceded. The order of which they seceded is as follows: first Mississippi, second was Florida, Alabama followed third, then Georgia, quickly followed by Louisiana, next was Texas, then Virginia, shortly after came Arkansas, followed by North Carolina and finally Tennessee. These states then became the Confederate States of America or for short they became The Confederacy or CSA.

4. The first of the battles of the Civil War was an bombardment of artillery and siege. It occurred at Fort Sumter in South Carolina, this is where the Confederates attacked the Union fort with cannons and mortars until the Union forces were forced to surrender.

5. Many of the battles of the Civil War have two different names. This is because there was a different identification process between the Confederates forces and Union forces. The Confederates would name the battle for the closest city or town while the Union forces would name after landmarks and things like rivers, creeks, as well as other geographical features. That is why the Battle of Bull Run is also known as the Battle Manassas. There are many other battles of the Civil War with two different names.


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